How can my MTTB benefit from Social Media?

One of the good things about social media is that once you have an engaged following, the traffic and attention you get from Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus can be counted on over time.

And not only that—it comes with other benefits, such as top of mind awareness, referrals, and more prequalified leads.

Social media is a powerful tool, and one that has proven its worth in the marketplace. Here are a few ways your business can take advantage of and maximize its benefits:

1. Publish Useful Content

Social media is all about communicating with humans, which means that your content will have to be optimized for your readers and not just for search engines. Note that Google rewards sites that routinely publish fresh and interesting content, and takes how many “likes” or “+1’s” a post received when it was shared online.

The more useful readers find your content, the more likely they are to become leads. When you create and share valuable content, you establish yourself as an authority in your niche. This is how you get your pages bookmarked and shared.

Furthermore, people link to and cite experts. When publishing content, familiarize yourself with your target audience in order to discover what kind of information will be most useful for them.

Another important fact to remember is: you need an actual stream of useful information, not dribs and drabs or even the occasional geyser. You will have to publish lots of useful articles, day after day. One or two good pieces are not enough to establish your reputation.

2. Post Frequently

Frequent posting helps to ensure that your audience sees your content. It is too easy for even the best content to be drowned out by the constant onslaught of information on the Internet. And, Google rewards website owners that publish new pages at least once per week (three times per week or daily will get even greater results).

Try not to overdo it, but post about once per day on Facebook and 1-5 times per day on Twitter, every weekday. Avoid posting the same content over and over again, as people get tired of it. Instead, mix it up with links, videos, and pictures.

3. Make Your Content Easy to Share

Fortunately, there are lots of tools for this available. Social sharing buttons can help to make the task of sharing much easier for your readers. This means that your articles are shared with a minimum of effort expended on your part. Instead of sharing content, you get to spend your time writing new stuff.

4. Engage Your Audience

According to Merriam-Webster, one definition of “engage” is to “get and keep someone’s interest.” In a social media setting, this chiefly has to do with commenting and linking as well as just generally being active.

Nowadays, people prefer to buy from businesses that make themselves available for interaction and are transparent about their weaknesses and mistakes. Being polite and professional can help you to make friends and build a fan base that trusts you.

5. Pay Attention to Your Profile

No matter which social networks you are using, the benefits you receive are dependent on the quality of your profile. Provide as much information as possible—especially links to your mttb websites.

The methods of doing this will vary from site to site, but your profile will be your identity to your audience and can be helpful in making a good first impression as well as driving traffic from those who check it.
Building a social media presence is very effective for building a brand and generating traffic, but doing it from scratch can be difficult and time-consuming. Click here to find out how you can have online marketing leads sent to you automatically every month.

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Home business industry success indicators

Home business industry success indicators 


Home business industry is a part of internet marketing. It has expanded and made its mark on the world wide web.  Many entrepreneurs have carved out very profitable niches for themselves in the home business industry.  Yet not all of the millions of prospects who choose the home business industry as their vehicle of choice to conquer the web succeed. Over 97% fail.

The home business industry success indicators

How to spot the success stories in home business industry

Recently one afternoon, I was listening to master lead generation strategist Vince Reed. He was talking about the differences between top producers in the home business industry and the non-producers. He was to the point and right on!.  He claims, that there are no noticeable differences at first contact with the two types – producers and non-producers- to the home business industry. According to Vince Reed this would quickly change based on the characteristics of the two types.

The home business industry success indicators

He talked about the results of the producers and non-producers in the home business industry based on their characteristics.  Each of the two types are assessed on four factors:-

1. Non Boosters vs Boosters (Action takers vs non-action takers)

Mr Vince Reed observed that the people that talked the most about their successes in business almost never got good results. They usually produce the least. This is a view held by another giant in the industry – Daegan Smith. On the other end of the spectrum, the non-boosters do not waste time talking about their success – true or imagined – they take action!

The home business industry success indicators

Producers understand the importance of time sensitive contents. They are aware that positioning themselves and their products in front of the client at the right time is Critical. Once the producers in the home business industry realize their product is a solution to other peoples’ problems, they quickly position their businesses. They become  invaluable resources to the market place.

The home business industry success indicators

2. Mission Oriented vs No-Mission

The mission oriented or simply the producers as Vince Reed referred to this group in the home business industry, are highly focused individuals. They don’t allow anything to derail them from their mission – no distractions whatsoever. Producers have their mission statements, vision and goals written down. Their attention and energies are directed to accomplishing the task before them.

The home business industry success indicators

On the other hand the boosters or non-producers cannot focus. They are easily distracted.  Most non-producers don’t have their mission statement, vision and goals documented. In consequence therefore, they don’t have focus.

3. Ability to take responsibility vs Blaming everything and anything but self

In the home business industry as with any other business, the ability to man up and take responsibility for one’s actions are in direct proportion to the skills and knowledge acquired and applied. This group of people have eliminated their right to excuses.

The home business industry success indicators

The non producers in the industry can only blame their tools and friends where there is nothing to grasp. In place of results they offer only excuses.

4. The right mindset vs wrong mindset!

The producers in the home business industry are discerning. They know that finding a role model that they can learn and grow from is critical to their success. Producers realize that attending live events in the home business industry arena with like-minded people is their biggest chance of meeting up with the greats of the industry. Networking with a leader in one’s niche  in a home business industry event may result in fruitful relationships. These networkings could have a live changing and far reaching effect on businesses. The producers understand that the mentors are the vessels that will help them develop the traits and right mindset needed to be successful.

The home business industry success indicators

Across section of the attendees at one of the many sessions of the Titanium Mastermind recently concluded at the Sheraton hacienda Del Mar in Cabo San Lucas in Mexico on the 27th Sept. to 1st Oct., 2013

Yes, you guessed it. The non-producers couldn’t care one way or the other about events. Their only concern is the amount of money they have to spend, so the money develops wings and flies away.


In closing Mr Vince Reed said, take these four things – Ability to take massive action at the right time, focus, the ability to say “the buck stops here!” and of course understanding the power of live events and taking action , and see where you stand!.

In this treatise of the success indicators of the home business industry, I would like to acknowledge Mr Vince Reed of MITS who spoke on these issues in a video. I have looked at the issues from a different angle but essentially the same ideas.

Please leave your comments below.


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make collages to achieve defined goals

Make Collages To Achieve defined Goals

To make collages to achieve defined goals, you will need cuttings of old magazines and newspapers depicting what you want in your future and interacting with the collage day and night.

Many years ago I happened upon a self development book whose Author, I cannot remember but I clearly remember the name of the book! make collages to achieve defined goals BRING OUT THE MAGIC IN YOUR MIND, this book may have been written in the 20s or 30s. At this point in my life I did not know how to make collages to achieve defined goals. When I found ‘Bring out the magic in your mind on my Dad’s bookshelf, the book itself was worn out but it was still readable. I kept that book for a long time until the movements and changes in life made me loose it. Why am I telling you this? My journey to make collages to achieve defined goals started here.

The Human Mind

It showed me what the human mind is capable of when certain principles are applied correctly. It also greatly hindered me in my christian walk. Actually, to correct myself here, it was religion that held me bound. In short I was in a dilemma that would keep me in the same spot for several years until I found out in the bible that God Himself had deposited everything we need to be successful in us. make collages to achieve defined goalsThe bible says God made us in His image and after His likeness. And same God that made us in His image and likeness, said let there be light and there was light……. and so on and so forth. It then means when we say, it happens as well. We are in the class of God.

So when we keep on saying negative things, we keep seeing negative results and we say more negative things which result in even more negative results. David in Psalms said let the meditations of my heart and the words of my mouth be acceptable in thy sight oh Lord. This is key. Whatever your thought processes concentrate on is what your speak. Jesus who by the way was a human being like you and I when he was on earth (God in human form), said what goes into a man does not defile the man, but what comes out of a man is what edifies or defiles. How then can we make collages to achieve defined goals? Read on.

How to make collages to achieve defined goals

It is possible to correct what comes out from your mind in order that you may see a different result. For a long time I was unable to see the results I wanted in my life until I make collages to achieve defined goalsread in the bible that man was capable of doing anything he/she IMAGINED.
This was where God scattered the peoples when they were building a tower to heaven by confusing their language. make collages to achieve defined goalsOne simple way to get your mind visualizing what you want is to make collages to achieve defined goals. I find many of us watch TV, listen to the radio and then we internalize what we saw or heard and often start talking about those things. Take for instance the Malaysian plane crash, I worry not for the people talking about it on TV but for the people who are looking and listening and are already afraid of such incidences.

Those discussing it on TV are strong willed people who will not give it a thought after they are done but many others will keep thinking it and we are what we think! Back to the collage, make collages to achieve defined goals, using very colourful pictures from old magazinesmake collages to achieve defined goals

make collages to achieve defined goalsand newspapers. Why do you have to make collages to achieve defined goals? Maybe more importantly just now should be, what is a collage?

Wikipedia defines a “Collage (From the French: coller, to glue, French pronunciation: ​[kɔ.laːʒ]) is a technique of an art production, primarily used in the visual arts, where the artwork is made from an assemblage of different forms, thus creating a new whole.”

To make collages to achieve defined goals, you need a good pair of scissors, a large card board, glue, old magazines, photos, and other materials you may wish to add.

It is crucial to write down the goals you want to achieve, and you may only represent what you want to see in the future in your collage. To make collages to achieve defined goals, depending on what your goals are, you need to be as detailed as possible using relevant pictures to depict what you want to see in the future. For your collages to have the desired effect, you MUST interact with your collages when you wake up daily, and last thing before you go to sleep everyday

Let me show you some examples of collages below:

make collages to achieve defined goals


Somebody obviously wants to be a florist and a grower of the flowers and not just any type but the chrysanthemums in the picture. Notice the very large expanse of land she is planting! She obviously know how to make collages to achieve defined goals

make collages to achieve defined goals


Someone definitely wants to be a happy bride. Her collage shows only pictures of a happy bride and groom so she already has a relationship with the groom!

make collages to achieve defined goals


Someone wants to travel to exotic places and do activities that brings the adrenaline rushing.

make collages to achieve defined goals


YES, your guess is as good as mine! What would you say to a blissful domestic scene with multiple babies in one birthing! We all have such different ideas and plans.

make collages to achieve defined goalsmake collages to achieve defined goals


These are collages made by folks who want to make money to the exclusion of all else. Can you read anything else in both collages? Money should be made a part of a whole collage.  Without causing offence to anyone, when you make collages to achieve defined goals try to make it as wholesome as you can. When the sole purpose is to make money, it is not bad but….

How would you describe the following collages?

make collages to achieve defined goals

make collages to achieve defined goals


On the left? Travel? and on the right? journey through life starting from 30? There are many ways of looking at each, what is yours?

make collages to achieve defined goals What do you think is this young lady’s goals?

Make collages to achieve defined goals and when you are done take a photo of it/them and send it to me. If I am able to describe what your aim is correctly, then you have achieved your goal.


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The Secret Of How To Earn Hundreds of $$$ per Day

Welcome and congratulations on taking the first step in taking control of your financial freedom!!!

cocaisdeIf you work in an office, then I am sure that you are very familiar with the confines of a 9 to 5 life, a monotonous routine and of course the hours spent commuting to and from work. I know that if you are anything like I am, the thought of making a change has crossed your mind more than once.

Our newsletter is going to teach you all the different ways that people just like you are earning a living working from home.

Our goal is to make sure that you are well informed of your options for making money online. But first, let us look at the benefits of earning an income online.


The internet has provided people with many options and the means to be able to work from the comfort of their own homes earning a living, where you answer to yourself and make your own

You get to spend time with your family and friends, just as you can spend more time indulging in the things that bring you joy. The long and short of it is that when earning a decent living online you have more opportunities to simply enjoy your life.

One of the best things about earning your living online is that most opportunities involve minimal start up costs. You can get started right away and everything can be accomplished online.

Successful online earners can earn hundreds of dollars each and every day working the

blog to make money online the easy way.

Blogging to make money

hours that they choose. In fact once you have everything up and running you can turn a profit when your out shopping, playing golf or doing whatever it is that you love.

One important thing to note is that while most online opportunities share the same benefits, they differ greatly in just about every other aspect. It’s up to you to choose the one that suits your skills, lifestyle and passions the most. After all, if you love and enjoy what you are doing then it will not feel like work at all.

Even if you don’t know the first thing about making money online don’t worry! As mentioned above, we are going to help you learn and understand all you need to know.

Once you read this series to the end you should have a good grasp of some of the best money making opportunities the internet has to offer.

During the course of this short series we will teach you about:

1. Affiliate Marketing
2. Drop shipping
3. Selling on Ebay
4. Making money with blogs
5 Creating and marketing your own products online.

Stay tuned for your first lesson on Affiliate marketing.

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Matt Lloyd’s Welcome Party For Titanium Mastermind in Cabo

Matt Lloyd’s welcome party For Titanium Mastermind in Cabo San Lucas 27 Sept to 1 Oct 2013.

Matt Lloyd’s welcome party for the Titanium Mastermind members was really a fun affair. At Matt Lloyd’s welcome party, he went beyond just ordinary amusement to show the members that showed up for the Mastermind that he appreciated the effort they made to be there.

Matt Lloyd's welcome party

View from just outside my fourth storey room – I was standing on the balcony

On the other hand I would like to ask you to take a moment and think about the reasons a man will go to the extent Matt Lloyd went to put up such a great and purposeful learning experience. Enjoy! Even before the Matt Lloyd welcome party, I have been thinking, how come, some people are able to create sustainable wealth for themselves online and others go about exploiting others and never really make it. They are always faking it. If you watched the Matt Lloyd Welcome party for Titanium Mastermind in Cabo san Lucas in Mexico Video from start to end, you will be able to get an essence of the question I put forward above. Leave me your comments whichever way you see it. Thanks.

Why are some able to create wealth and others can’t

My answer to my question concerning the Matt Lloyd welcome party, is that some people are able to create lasting wealth because their motive is to help as many people as possible rise from the doldrums to a place of plenty, in other words these people want to amend the ills of society but realize it is not possible if you just sit and stare. Instead they take action like the Matt Lloyd welcome party for titanium Mastermind in Cabo San Lucas in Mexico.

Matt Lloyd's welcome party

Me on far left with four other titanium members on the catamaran an activity Matt Lloyd put on to bring all attendees together for an evening of fun. This was after the matt Lloyd welcome party the previous day.

One such person is Matt Lloyd of, join the business and learn more about this promising young man who made his first million when he was just 25 years old. More interesting is that he is just 26+ now and put up such a dazzling show at the Matt Lloyd welcome party for the Titanium Mastermind in Cabo San Lucas In Mexico. Join now to experience the caring community he has grown.

Meet Matt Lloyd

He has zero tolerance for tire kickers, so to join you need to apply and pay an application fee.  Click on the following link  to start the process. Thank you for leaving your comments below. And for those of you that clicked on the link to meet Matt Lloyd, I am sure you have done so now. See you on the inside.

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Titanium mastermind in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Titanium mastermind in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Titanium Mastermind

Titanium Mastermind

It is a dream come true!!, I attended the Titanium Mastermind in Cabo San Lucas. The name of the place should actually be paradise.  It deserves to be called that. Matt Lloyd, choose to stage the My Top Tier Business, Titanium Mastermind in the beautiful settings of the Sheraton Hacienda Del Mar. Take a peek at the front of the administrative building.

Titanium Mastermind

The front of the Administrative building at the Sheraton Hacienda Del Mar in Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, where the recently completed MOBE Titanium Mastermind was held from 27th of Sept to 1st Oct., 2013


Before I go further, let me explain what the Titanium Mastermind is. Matt Lloyd started the done for you business called the My Top Tier Business or MTTB for short. It is a unique “done for you” type of business. In fact everything is done for you and you only need to drive traffic to your link. The compensation plan is awesome.

 My Top Tier Business

There are essentially 3 levels within Matt Lloyds My Top Tier Business. The application fees you pay at the start is to separate the chaff from the wheat. When you pay, the system is shown to you, and if you do not like what you see, then you can ask for a refund of your application fees.


After this stage when you buy in, you become a licensee, this is the first level. All licensees are encouraged to upgrade to Titanium, which is the second level and also to upgrade to Platinum which is the last and highest level. To keep all of us sharp and pumped up, Matt Lloyd has two Mastermind events yearly.

Titanium Mastermind

The swimming pool overlooking the Ocean at the Resort -Sheraton Hacienda Del Mar in Cabo San Lucas in Mexico During the recent MOBE Titanium Mastermind.


The Titanium Mastermind is one of them and the second Mastermind event is the Platinum, which is taking place at a 5 star resort in Costa Rica in April. If you hurry and join, you would be able to attend this mMastermind in Costa Rica in April.

What Next After The End Of The Mastermind

This year’s Titanium Mastermind is done and I came back a few days ago from Cabo San Lucas in Mexico to my equally beautiful City, Regina in Canada.

First off, for an all expenses paid Titanium Mastermind for 5 days and 4 nights at the 5 star Sheraton Hacienda Del Mar Resort, Matt Lloyd out did himself. Take a look below.


Titanium Mastermind

Across section of the attendees at one of the many sessions of the Titanium Mastermind recently concluded at the Sheraton hacienda Del Mar in Cabo San Lucas in Mexico on the 27th Sept. to 1st Oct., 2013

There are so many things I did not know about Internet Marketing before embarking on this journey of a lifetime to attend the Titanium Mastermind. What I did not know also was that I was going to learn a whole lot of new stuff from the very Masters of their disciplines, who were brought by Matt Lloyd to expand our understanding at the Titanium Mastermind.


Titanium Mastermind

One of the top speakers at the Titanium Mastermind, and a self made millionaire with my humble self. The speakers were sooooo nice, they were ready to help any number of us. It was an amazing 4 days.



For the Titanium Mastermind, Matt Lloyd lined up world class speakers who spoke on stuff that makes the internet mint money for you. The line up of speakers at this Titanium Mastermind, contained the who is who of the Internet Marketing Hall of Fame.

Take a listen to this two minute video.


Some Reflections

It was simply a blessing to be at  Cabo San Lucas. We arrived on different days actually, as Thursday the 27th of September was added as a Titanium Mastermind Bonus day and was optional. You also get to pay for your accommodation for the extra days and other expenses if you arrived on the 26th of September. Those who made the bonus day assured us that they got a ton load of benefits.


I arrived for the Titanium Mastermind on Friday afternoon, had a fabulous lunch, networked with others who were also arriving or already arrived. Lovely people!! I made so many new friends from all over the world. Beautiful people that I met at the Titanium Mastermind-they are worth more than all the money, because each and everyone I networked with wanted a meaningful relationship that would be reciprocal.

Titanium Mastermind

About 30minutes after arrival at The Resort in Cabo San Lucas, we in the Photo above had introduced ourselves and having a good time with already paid for Pina coladas and other cocktails. Awesome!


Now this was my first night at this all expenses paid Titanium Mastermind. Matt Lloyd gave us a welcome party like no other. I have a video of the evening. I will be posting this tomorrow. Look out for the video.

Make A Decision To Join MOBE

If you are convinced that this is real and would like to join the business, feel free to become a member OR you may like to find out more about this business that is such a wonderful opportunity to earn enough money to live the millionaire lifestyle, get awarded a brand new Mercedes Benz of your choice, and go on free, all expenses paid trips around the loveliest spots in the world.


I would love to  contact you.

If you would like to initiate a call

my number is  +1(306) 501-6107. Call

me. Or email me your number and I will give you

a call.


Love ya and talk soon



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Part 2: Create A Blog to Make Money Online The Easy Way

Create a Blog to make money online the easy way.

what Name Would You Like To Be Known by.

In order to blog to make money online the easy way, you would need a unique name. what is in a name? There are millions upon millions of websites out there on the world wide web all competing for breathing space and recognition. A unique name will give you some advantages in this aspect. You can brand yourself and your products by it. It will be the way by which you are identified.

blog to make money online the easy way

What is in a name?

Finding a suitable name for your blog might not be as easy as it sounds. Like the research you have to carry out in search of what to blog to make money online the easy way, decision on a name for your blog requires keyword research as well; or simply use your own name with a by-line or tag to display your keywords. Whatever way you choose to go with, make it short and memorable.

The next step after choosing a name is to purchase a domain.

There are simply a host of new TLDs out there that would suit any product or business of your choice. You could get a name like landscaping .blog, or landscaping .garden or still yet The list is endless. Find the TLD that is relevant to the product or business. There is a cacophony of ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers )approved domain name registrars. Prices differ from one to the other; some give away domain names free for promotional purposes. Nothing is ever free when you blog to make money online the easy way. You get to pay for it in other subtle ways.

blog to make money online the easy way.

Blogging to make money

Many web hosting sites that register domain names are affiliates of the ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) approved registrars. A good and fairly cheap web hosting site with all the CMS already mentioned above, where you can also purchase your domain name to blog to make money online the easy way is With blogger to blog to make money online the easy way, you do not need to buy a domain. You register with a username that will remain your identity.

Building your website to Blog to make money online the easy way.

When you have bought a name, you will need a good web hosting company to provide a home for your name and content. To blog to make money online the easy way, your major concerns would be in the areas of the speed with which your pages open, when someone clicks on your address; the server uptime/downtime; and how good the customer support services are in responding to tickets, and solving the problem of the client.

Blog to make money online the easy way

where do you host your website?

I can only vouch for the web hosting company I know, so to blog to make money online the easy way, I highly recommend The next big step after getting your rent and housing fixed, is to start bringing in your content and doing your interior decorations at the same time. You may wish to retain an expert in web development and design, that is entirely up to you. Do not forget that using Blogger means you do not need any hosting, you however need to do some interior decorations and landscaping if you are looking to blog to make money online the easy way.

Monetize your Blog to make money online the easy way.

Again the Blogger has solid foundations for monetizing the blogs on their platform. Google can send you Adsense to place on your blog to make money online the easy way. Your marketing strategy is what determines how much money you make out of the Adsense. There are numerous other ways to monetize your blog. I had glossed over one such way at the beginning of this blog to make money online the easy way. Making money with the contents of the blog itself requires serious search engine optimization of your blog.

Blog to make money online the easy way

Monetize your Blog

There are two aspects of search engine optimization of your blog; on-page optimization that involves factors like keywords, meta tags, keyword density, the relevancy of your content and: the second aspect is off-page optimization. This involves getting genuine high quality backlinks for your blog. Learning what Google wants and incorporating them into your blog to make money online the easy way, should be your mantra.

Another way to monetize your blog to make money online the easy way is by advertising.

This would be continued. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog to make money online the easy way. I look forward to reading and responding to your comments.

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